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Rachel Sullivan

‚ÄčThis is the work I do on my own time. Here you'll see the things I'm most proud of from the last couple years.

I work mainly in watercolor and gouache on cold press watercolor paper, and generally my pieces are 9"x12" and smaller.

My favorite things to paint are water, nature, and pretty ladies with pretty hair, and I have a very whimsical, decorative style.


Personal Work

Schoolwork and Commissions

I go to Winthrop University and major in Illustration with a Marketing minor. I am currently a junior. The work you'll see here will range in media, as different classes have different media requirements.

The commissions you'll see are things I've done for friends and family and I may or may not have received compensation.

Basically, for everything in this category I was presented with a problem and came up with a visual solution.


Fanart and Other Things

This section is full of the remainder of works I am proud of. Some are illustrations inspired by books and movies you may recognize. Others are simpler versions of my personal work or typographic posters I've made for fun.

Most of this stuff is also watercolor and gouache, and 9"x12" and smaller.

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